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About Crypto Community Luxembourg

Crypto-community-Luxembourg is a non-profit ASBL association, registrated on the commerce register from Luxembourg (RCS). The organization was formed to promote the widespread adoption of DLT and blockchain technologies. Crypto is on its way to becoming the best alternative to fiat currencies, as seen by the current state of growing market opportunities and the growth of the crypto business. We’ve been following and supporting market trends since the beginning.
We provide information, education, and services to people about the crypto market.
“Great community, for beginners but definitely also for professionals who are interested in blockchain, crypto, ledger, wallets, tokens or finance in general. Always up to date and lots of interesting tips … Highly recommended.”
– Frank Diderich

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“Great overview of current topics, very competent support, great wealth of experience. It’s worth being there!!!”
– Alexandra Lou Salome
“A fantastic community with a lot of valuable input”
– Tanja Werner
“Here you get very good information about cryptocurrencies and how to make more of your money.”
– Apesa A.

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At the end of the year, all registered members have the chance to win 1000 Euro in Bitcoin! Our General Assembly in December 2023 will determine the winner!


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In short, DeFi stands for decentralised finance, or decentralised financial sector. In contrast to traditional financial markets, DeFi projects are based on the blockchain, where transactions are automatically processed through “smart contracts”. Smart contracts are digital contracts that are programmed into the protocol’s code and can replace human or manual transactions. This allows financial services to function in a decentralised manner without an intermediary and to be made available to everyone worldwide.