My Name Is Pascal Espen

Before Discovering The Blockchain

I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and self-employment. I am a machinist by profession. I was employed into private sector after serving my apprenticeship. Because of my entreprenurial passion, I’ve decided that I wanted to go one step further and take action, so I’ve opened a locksmith with my partners and became self-employed. This was a beautiful experience, and it created a lot of great memories in my life.

How I Became Self-Employed

The business ran really well, the orders were constantly coming in, and we were very profitable, but the business demanded way too much time away from my family and hobbies. I’ve had to work 12-16 hours every single day just to fill the orders. Even though this part of my life was nothing else but beautiful experience, I’ve decided to return to corporate world once again.

Returning To The Corporate World

Because I was spending too much time away from my family working full day shifts, once again I’ve decided to return to corporate world, and work 8 hour job so that I can have more time to enjoy my life. I saw a newspaper ad issued by state, saying that they need a locksmith, so I’ve decided to apply.

I took the recruitment exam, and with some luck I’ve turned out to be the most qualified for the job. Even though the job is great, I’ve always regretted turning my back to self-employment.

How Blockchain Gave Me Hope

After returning to the 9-5 job, I’ve always regreted that I’ve turned my back to self-employment. But around 5 years ago, I’ve heard about the blockchain, I’ve done a research on it’s technology, and it gave me a hope! To this day I’ve spent a ton of my time being busy with the emerging crypto-economy. By focusing on this field, I am once again in harmony with myself, and I can finally do what I love!

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