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About Crypto Community Luxembourg

Crypto-community-Luxembourg is a non-profit ASBL association, registrated on the commerce register from Luxembourg (RCS). The association has been created up to promote the comprehensive adoption of DLT and Blockchain technologies. Crypto is heading towards becoming the best alternative to Fiat currencies, which results in the current state of emerging market opportunities and the rise of the crypto industry. We have been supporting and monitoring market developments from the very beginning.
We provide information, education, and services to people about the crypto market.
“Great community, for beginners but definitely also for professionals who are interested in blockchain, crypto, ledger, wallets, tokens or finance in general. Always up to date and lots of interesting tips … Highly recommended.”
– Frank Diderich

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Our Mission

Blockchain technology offers a wide range of potential applications with a strong potential to create an economical revolution all around the world. Blockchain is the platform that powers every cryptocurrency, and over the years, blockchain has expanded into various useful application domains.

Our mission is to provide information, education and services about this amazing technology.

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Learn About Blockchain

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is the tool to securely store data. in the first place, blockchain became popular due to the rise of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has a very bright future in various fields and industries.

How Blockchain Works

The blockchain platform is a secure tool to store data. A certain amount of data is accumulated and stored in blocks. The blocks are stored as a chain, hence the name „blockchain“. Click to learn more about how blockchain technology works.

Investing in Blockchain

Many people have stated that blockchain is nothing more than a trend. But blockchain technology is getting more popular each and every year and proves that it really has the potential to change the world.

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