Decentralized Finance DeFi

In short, DeFi stands for decentralised finance, or decentralised financial sector. In contrast to traditional financial markets, DeFi projects are based on the blockchain, where transactions are automatically processed through “smart contracts”.
Smart contracts are digital contracts that are programmed into the protocol’s code and can replace human or manual transactions. This allows financial services to function in a decentralised manner without an intermediary and to be made available to everyone worldwide.

How to participate in DeFi applications?

This programmes are accessible to everyone, no special previous knowledge is necessary, unless you want to programme something yourself. The protocols are accessible for everyone. You need a wallet, i.e. a wallet for tokens, because you are responsible for the safekeeping of your tokens yourself.

What applications does DeFi have?

There are many different applications in the decentralised financial sector. Users particularly appreciate the possibility of earning money with DeFi applications, even if the market corrects itself.Each application has a counterpart to the traditional financial system.


Comparable to what you still get from a bank, DeFi is the best alternative to protect your money. We have analysed the concept of DeFi and tried out various applications. Our strategy showed that we are still in profit despite a bear market. We would like to show you the most popular and safest platforms. For this reason, we have developed a course that our members can benefit from. You always wanted to know what DeFi is and how it works? Become a member of our community and you will have access to our course.